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10 Custom Painting Gift Ideas

By: Hannah Bunch

Art is such a special way to capture a part of our lives. It's my favorite thing about creating. You could say art is my love language...

I love getting presents for my family and friends that show them how much I love them. Here are just a few ideas for you to customize for your loved one!

1. Home Portrait

A house is more than four walls. It’s a home! It’s where memories are made and our lives are held. A fun idea is a painting of their first home, their current home, or childhood home!

2. Pet Portrait

Our furry friends are family! Capture your loved one’s pet through a custom painting.

3. Family Portrait

Capture their family in a way other than a photo!

4. College or High School

Our school is where we made lasting friendships and memories!

Give your loved one the gift of their school to capture their favorite memories.

5. Wedding Portrait

Capture, the most important day of their life!

6. Seasons of life with your loved one

Our lives with our family, friends, or spouse go through many phases. Show them all of your favorite moments with them.

7. The place they got married

Maybe it was in their church growing up, a destination wedding, or a backyard wedding! They will never forget their wedding day or the place they got married.

8. An old picture of you and your spouse

Time to open up the photo albums and giggle at the good times and fun haircuts! Find your favorite photo with them from your earlier years.

9. A place they’ve traveled

Is there a special trip they would want to commemorate in a unique way? Decorating their walls with the places they've been is such a special way to capture the memories that were made.

10. Favorite spots in their city

Capture their favorite spot to go or your favorite place to go with them!

Interested in a custom painting? Order today! Click here to learn more and to get your order started!


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