I'm Hannah Bunch

My passions include teaching and creating. I chose a life that allows me to find beauty in the world around me every dang day.

Getting to capture a moment in someone's life through a custom painting or being a fly on the wall at a wedding, capturing the most treasured day of their life, is something I will never take for granted. 

Art connects us and documents parts of our history. It is a form of expression that allows an artist to capture how they view the world. 

Through my work, I hope you enjoy seeing the world captured through my lens 

I HAVE A FIRM BELIEF THAT ANYONE CAN CREATE AND PAINT. The arts are not some exclusive club and you are so welcome to join in. I believe the arts are a way to build a community, build confidence, and express oneself.

A little bit about what I do:

  • I teach group painting classes for home painting parties, fundraising events, children's parties, student organizations, and corporate team building. I quote Bob Ross almost every class I teach but unfortunately, my voice is not as soothing as his.

  • I live paint events and weddings while they happen. I want you to have a special piece of your wedding or event to hang on your wall.

  • I sell my personal work and I am always taking custom orders!


The title of my current body of work is Submerge. My work is influenced by vulnerability, connectivity, and self reflection. In these paintings, I am exploring the depiction of water, its movement, and its interaction with light. Through the development of this body of work, my color palette expanded from a high contrast pallet with limited color range to a brighter palette with a wider color range. 

Above and below the water surface has a very separated but linked relationship. Above the water is loud and chaotic and somewhat uncontrollable. There is a large sense of unpredictability. Below the surface has a large ominous quality. When one submerges into water, there is a quick moment of serenity, calmness, isolation, and pure vulnerability. There is only a moment where one can stay to enjoy the peace, the reflection, and the complete isolation. Personal reflection and isolation is one of the most vulnerable acts, where we truly try to understand ourselves and the world around us. Water has this close relationship to life. They both feel chaotic, fast, and uncontrollable at times but when we take a minute to submerge ourselves into personal reflection we can take a look around and everything is beautiful.



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