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Are you interested in a custom painting? I love being able to create a piece that captures something special in your life. How do you request this? Check out how below:

1. Fill out my Contact Form! Give me an idea of what you are wanting and we can figure out together the best approach. (Size, watercolor or acrylic, style expectations, etc.) I am happy to make suggestions on which route to go!

2. What's my pricing? It depends on what you want! I do my very best to offer fair prices based on the time it takes and cost of supplies.


A pricing estimate: 

8x10: $80

11x15: $100

16x20: $150

3. I will keep you posted with progress pictures to make sure it's going in the direction you are wanting. I will send you a final picture when it is complete for any last minute adjustments. 

4. How long can you expect for your commission? Let me know what date you need it done and I will make sure to have it done by that date! Allow up to 4 weeks for me to complete the piece. 

See below examples of commissioned work!

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