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Let's all admit...

Creating can be intimidating...

Ok so now that we have that on the table, you can now take a deep breath in knowing you are not alone in that feeling. 

Almost every beginner is nervous when they start something new. Let me give you permission to relax now. Because guess what? 

When we are creating art, we aren't trying to solve the world's problems 

This time is for you and you alone. Creating is like a form of meditation. It's a time to disconnect from the world around us, express oneself, and to find more beauty in our lives. Most importantly, it's a time to have FUN.


When you join you will be sent:

  • A starter packet that will include a supplies list 

  • Where you can purchase the supplies online

  • As well as a few resources to get you started! 

What to expect

Weekly Art Classes posted every Monday that will improve your skill, technique, and confidence when creating in a stress-free environment. The classes will slowly advance as you move through it. You will receive ongoing support from yours truly! I want to be your biggest cheerleader and I am happy to answer questions from you along the way!



Do this for yourself or for your kiddo. Most importantly leave fear out of it. Creating is purely a time for you to express yourself and to just have messy fun. Y'all ANYONE can create. It is not only for those who call themselves an artist but also those who just want to create, have fun, or improve their skill.