It's Time to Break Up With Creative Fear

Bunch of Art Drawing Challenge: I Challenge YOU.

Who feels intimidated by creating art? I bet I know you better than you think. Listen, you are so not alone. I get this feeling frequently. I bet you have even said you aren't creative or good at art. I am here to tell you YOU ARE WRONG. Was that a bit abrupt? Did you get a little angry at me telling you that you are wrong? GOOD. I want to challenge you to prove yourself wrong.

​​​​​​​Y'all, I know how intimidating a blank sheet of paper is. It can feel like it is condescendingly staring at you and mocking you for not knowing what to draw. There is a fear that you won't get the outcome you were envisioning. I will let you in on a little secret. This is a secret you may not even want to hear but it also will set you free. You will probably never create exactly what you were envisioning. This is not a bad thing. If it turned out exactly what we hoped...what is the fun in that? What would we learn as creatives? Not too much honestly. Do not put your creativity in a closed off box. Allow yourself to authentically explore your creativity. And let me tell you what, that may mean creating something nothing like the expectations you set for yourself.

​​​​​​​Creativity Can Be Scary

Creativity is often paired with fear: fear of making a mistake, fear of making something people won't like, fear of being wrong, or fear of failure. That fear may linger for a little bit and that's ok. But tell fear that this is a short term fling not a long term relationship. Then kick fear to the curb.

Did you know, I challenged myself to paint every day for 100 days last year? This was not an easy thing even though this is my passion in life! I struggled with the fear of creating quality work every day. Do you know what I learned from this challenge? To stop caring. I began truly creating for myself. Each day (even on days I had no motivation) was a reminder that there is always time to create and life is too short to create fearfully.

I Am Challenging YOU

For 10 days, I want to encourage you to draw something every day. Was your first thought to this challenge no? Did you think "I am too busy"? Listen, I hear you. We are all busy. I want you to embrace the power of fearlessly doodling. Spend as much time as you have, whether it is 5 minutes, 20 minutes, or shoot maybe you want to go doodle crazy and draw for an hour. Let me tell you, there is no pressure here. This challenge is purely for you.

I will provide some ideas for what you can draw and I want YOU to freaking run with it. Let your creative juices flow. BREAK THE DANG RULES. Break out of your comfort zone. Just do it! You are so so capable.

Now, let's get those creative juices flowing. I want to challenge you to draw every day for 10 days. Join me in this challenge with the hashtag #bunchofartchallenge and tag me in your post so I can see all the wonderful creations you're making. I will be doing the challenge with you so watch my stories on Instagram: to see what I am doodling.

Day one: Laughter

What makes you laugh? Draw something or someone who makes you laugh.

Laughter is something that I basically require of myself every day.

Day two: Inspiration

What inspires you in life? For me water inspires me, Ellen Degeneres inspires me, the Obama Family, strong women inspire me, and the list could go on.

Day three: Favorite Animal

You know I am drawing my cat Charley. He is my insane partner in crime. But dang, I also really love hippos and sloths.

Day four: FOOD

I love eating so much. My favorite food to make is sushi. YUM.

Day five: Home

Home is a relative term. What is home for you?

Day six: Nature

During the summer and spring I love to go hiking. I love plants but do not have a green thumb. I get low key jealous of people whose homes are filled with (alive) plants. My plants are either dead or knocked over by my cat. My cactus is going strong though.

Day seven: Relaxing

Relaxation is so important and often put off. What did you do to relax today? Re-watch The Office for the 100th time?

Day eight: Guilty Pleasure

I hate to admit this but my guilty pleasure is Taco Bell. I never ate Taco Bell until college but whoop there it is. Also I love really bad movies. Go watch Sand Sharks. It is so bad but so so good.

Day nine: Sick Beats

Personally, I love upbeat and inspiring music. Lately The Greatest Showman soundtrack has been on repeat...

Day ten: Let your freak flag fly

Draw anything your creative heart desires.


Now tell me your experiences through this. I want to know how this experience was for you. Did you get frustrated? Some days would rather just watch Netflix after work rather than draw? Did you overcome the fear?

Message me at or direct message me at on Instagram and tell me all the things about your experience!

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